At Villa La Tosca, we believe weddings are a celebration of love in the present moment and a sacred commitment to a lifelong partnership. Our holistic approach to your special day encompasses health and well-being, ensuring you are prepared for the journey ahead with your partner. You and your loved ones can share in these sacred moments by engaging in creative ways, creating a truly unforgettable day.

Holistic Weddings at Villa La Tosca
Nestled on the beachfront, Villa La Tosca is the epitome of luxury, designed to pamper you. Our mission extends beyond providing a momentary luxury experience; we offer tools and insights for a transformation that lasts well beyond your stay. We aim for you to leave with enhanced personal and collective well-being, carrying and spreading the knowledge gained.

Responding to Change with Wellness
The pandemic has underscored the need for practices that support us through uncertain times. At Villa La Tosca, we introduce you to practices that foster collective joy, wellness, and celebration, helping you navigate the changes our world faces.

What Does a Wellness Wedding Include?
Our wellness weddings feature a custom selection of classes and workshops alongside the opportunity to craft your rituals and ceremonies. From physical activities to introspective sessions, our offerings aim to enrich your body, mind, and soul.

Signature Offerings Include:

  • Sound Bath Journey
  • Beach Physical Flow
  • Morning Movement & Meditation
  • Nutrition and Cooking Fundamentals
  • Personal Amulet Creation
  • Mastering Joy
  • Connection Dinner
  • Family Constellations
  • Massages and Eye Gazing
  • Love that Lasts
  • Sunrise/Sunset Yoga

Why Choose a Wellness Wedding?

  1. Stress Relief: Our workshops help alleviate pre-wedding stress, allowing you to enjoy your time with loved ones.
  2. Unique Location: Breathe in the sea air right at our doorstep in the Bassin D’Arcachon, known for its healing properties.
  3. Intentional Foundation: Go beyond traditional ceremonies to set meaningful intentions for your future together.
  4. Lasting Connections: Experience deeper bonds with friends and family through our guided sessions.
  5. Giving Back: A portion of our proceeds supports missions aligning with our wellness and community support ethos.

Villa La Tosca offers an unparalleled setting to celebrate your union, inviting you to indulge in a day of relaxation, connection, and joy, with options to customize your experience to your heart’s desire.

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