In the heart of Scotland’s majestic countryside and coastline, Trump Turnberry is a haven of luxury sprawled across 800 acres. We had the privilege of spending three days immersed in the rich offerings of Trump Turnberry, an ideal locale for those envisioning a Scottish wedding backdrop.

Journey to Trump Turnberry

Our adventure to this iconic destination was facilitated by a smooth collection from the airport, followed by a picturesque drive through Scotland’s natural beauty, complete with historical ruins and undulating landscapes. The estate itself greeted us under a soft autumn sun, heralding the start of a memorable retreat.

Greeted with Grandeur

Opened in 1906 and revitalized by the Trump organization in 2014, Trump Turnberry has seamlessly blended its rich history with modern luxury, thanks in part to the heartfelt hospitality of its staff. Despite a packed itinerary suggesting a world of exploration within just a few days, it’s clear one could linger for weeks in this serene setting.

Upon our arrival, donning traditional Turnberry tartan, Stuart welcomed us, setting the stage for an experience of refined elegance. The lobby, dazzling with Swarovski crystal chandeliers, offered just a taste of the grandeur, with mesmerizing views stretching to the Isle of Arran and Ailsa Craig.

Suite Elegance

Our majestic accommodation featured a welcoming foyer and expansive views over the estate and beyond. The suite was a symphony of luxury, from the opulent tartan drapery to the sumptuous wooden bedframe and elegant marble bathroom. Organic Trump toiletries added a layer of indulgence, perfectly complementing the suite’s lavish amenities.

A Tapestry of Activities

Our stay was enriched by a variety of activities, starting with an exquisite afternoon tea experience that set the tone for our visit. The adventure continued with clay pigeon shooting and a novel horseback riding excursion, offering a unique vantage point of the estate. Golf aficionados would find themselves at home on the championship course, a testament to the resort’s commitment to excellence in leisure and sport.

The clubhouse served as a gateway to the resort’s storied past and present achievements, while additional activities like paddleboarding, kayaking, and whiskey tasting underscored the diverse experiences available to guests.

Spa Serenity and Culinary Journeys

The spa offered a sanctuary of peace, complete with various treatments that promised relaxation and rejuvenation. Dining at Trump Turnberry was a culinary voyage, with each restaurant presenting a palette of flavours that celebrated Scotland’s rich produce and culinary heritage.

Weddings at Trump Turnberry: A Dream Venue

Imagining a wedding at Trump Turnberry conjures visions of unparalleled elegance and privacy. The resort offers a stunning canvas for weddings, with a grand ballroom and outdoor settings that provide a majestic backdrop for any celebration.

Farewell to Trump Turnberry

Leaving Trump Turnberry was filled with a sense of longing, accentuated by the haunting melody of Piper Brice at sunset. The resort embodies the essence of Scottish luxury, offering an unforgettable experience that marries tradition with contemporary sophistication.

Highlights of Our Stay:

  • The supreme comfort and luxury of our suite
  • The tranquil and inviting spa, with its panoramic views
  • Savouring the art of signature cocktails in a cosy setting
  • The daily enchantment of bagpipe music at dusk
  • The unparalleled hospitality that made our stay truly remarkable

Trump Turnberry stands as a monument to Scottish elegance, providing an escape that combines history’s allure with the modern age’s luxuries.